Welcome to Nest to Threads Marketplace Boutique - Let us show you all that local shopping has to offer!!

"Embrace the Essence of Local Artistry: A Haven for Curated Delights"

Welcome to Our Boutique -A Beautiful, Creative Co-Retailing Shop

A Vendor Marketplace

What is Nest to Threads?
Choosing a name for this company was one of the hardest I have had to pick before. I settled on Nest to Threads because the creators and small businesses we will be hosting make everything from home decor for your Nest to amazing Threads you can wear. We want to support local creators and give them a retail outlet to share their wonders with the community.

Our Boutique Marketplace is shared retail collective because we have a rotation of vendors in our store and all resources are shared to keep overhead low. 10+ vendors and/or small businesses come together to fill our shop full of their unique products. A treasure hunt of the unique, handmade and custom gifts.


They are ever changing and new items are available every week. This is exciting for our shoppers and our vendors as it gives them visibility to a whole new set of customers. Check out our Current Shops page to see who is with us this week. Each shop owner runs their own space and payments are made directly to the shop owner.

Why Shop Local?

Shopping local is a way to help our own community continue to to develop and grow. It supports our local economy and keeps profits local which increases our communities wealth and standard of living, encourages more business growth and leads to more jobs and revenue re-circulating in the community. You also won’t run into the same mix of retail anywhere else and your hard earned money spent locally is going to hard working local family, not a giant corporation.
We Hope to See You Soon!



Amazing service and such a fun shop! The sisters were very pleasant to talk to and really know what is going on in their shop!

Really cool shop and an amazing owner! She really cares and wants to help local artists succeed in growing their businesses. She found a great niche where people have outgrown their home or garage shop, but can’t yet afford typical retail space. They haven’t been open long yet, but I really think this is a concept that can take off.

Awesome place! the atmosphere and people are great. highly recommend